A next-generation ultra-high-performance distributed data integration platform that supports
Fully managed connectors out-of-the-box
It supports over a hundred connectors for database change data capture (CDC) or synchronization integration. These connectors mainly include various domestic and foreign databases, message queues, data lakes, data warehouses, OLAP analytical databases, and commonly used SaaS services. With the support of a technical team and a strong open-source community, the number of connectors is continuously updated at a high frequency.
The tool offers a visual interface that allows for easy drag-and-drop operations to accomplish tasks such as full database synchronization, table-to-table synchronization, and SaaS data warehouse synchronization. It caters not only to data development engineers with code-based approaches but also provides a user-friendly visual drag-and-drop interface for business users. This enables them to perform data synchronization and analysis without external assistance, efficiently achieving business insights.
By reducing the performance impact of data serialization and deserialization, data synchronization operations are completed more quickly. In performance testing, it has demonstrated synchronization efficiency 30 times higher than Airbyte and over 30% faster than DataX when handling the same volume of data.
The tool can accomplish large-scale data synchronization and integration tasks with only one-third of the resources required by Spark or Flink clusters. It provides a more efficient and stable data integration environment compared to AWS DMS, reducing unnecessary thread creation.
The tool offers task-level fault tolerance, ensuring strong data consistency through immediate rollback when necessary. It also minimizes the cost of data transfer during rollback, ensuring high-performance data publication.
Build from SeaTunnel-ZETA Engine
But it is much more than that
WhaleTunnel is a commercial-grade data integration tool based on Apache SeaTunnel,
which has technical features such as fast data transmission speed, high accuracy and strong stability.
Easy to use and maintain
The tool aims to minimize reliance on third-party services and can perform data synchronization without depending on big data platform components.
Visual Development and Operations
Intelligent-assisted visual UI technology helps users quickly build complex data integration tasks, including single-table multi-column, multi-table multi-column, SaaS, and non-structured data to database integration.
Secure and Stable
The tool adopts a decentralized architecture where all nodes can act as both Master and Worker roles. It automatically discovers cluster nodes and persists metadata information to third-party storage, ensuring that historical job information is not lost during cluster restarts.
Data Availability Assurance
In the event of a failure on the target side that prevents data writing, it will not affect the normal reading on the source side. It prevents expiration and deletion of data on the source side, ensuring data integrity and avoiding data loss or duplication.
Comprehensive Data Synchronization
Supports real-time and offline full, incremental, and CDC (Change Data Capture) synchronization for entire databases and individual tables.
Robust Data Link Monitoring
Combining distributed snapshot algorithms, it ensures that monitoring data is consistent with the actual data read and written, guaranteeing accurate monitoring of data volumes.
Apache SeaTunnel
SeaTunnel is an Apache Software Foundation project. It provides a next-generation high-performance, distributed, massive data integration framework.